Vacations and Research Excursions 1996–2000

Oct 2000Observing run to get the first set of data for my thesis project using the Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO) 2.1-meter telescope.
April 2000My first trip to Hawaii. We didn't get much due to poor weather.
  • Rome
March 2000
Aug 1999  
  • San Francisco
May 1999  
May 1999  
  • Barcelona
March 1999  
  • Whistler, BC
Dec 1998  
  • Whistler, BC
Aug 1998  
  • Palomar Mountain
Aug 1998IR observations of circumstellar disks.
  • Los Angeles, CA
Aug 1998The Getty Museum
  • North Dakota
Aug 1998
  • Upstate New York
July 1998 Backpacking Adirondack Mountains
  • Paris
March 1998
May 1997
  • London, Switzerland, and France
Aug 1996Backpacking along the Haute Route