Kelle Cruz's Publications

Submitted Publications

Refereed Publications

  1. 2MASS 22344161+4041387AB: A Wide, Young, Accreting, Low-mass Binary in the LkHa233 Group
  2. 2MASS J06164006-6407194: The First Outer Halo L Subdwarf
  3. Measuring Tiny Mass Accretion Rates Onto Young Brown Dwarfs.
  4. Young L Dwarfs Identified in the Field: A Preliminary Low-Gravity, Optical Spectral Sequence from L0 to L5.
  5. A Sample of Very Young Field L Dwarfs and Implications for the Brown Dwarf "Lithium Test" at Early Ages.
  6. The Brown Dwarf Kinematics Project (BDKP) I. Proper Motions and Tangential Velocities for a Large Sample of Late-type M, L, and T Dwarfs.
  7. Meeting the Cool Neighbors X: Ultracool dwarfs from the 2MASS All-Sky Data Release.
  8. Subtle Signatures of Multiplicity in Late-type Dwarf Spectra: The Unresolved M8.5 + T5 Binary 2MASS J03202839-0446358.
  9. Follow-up Observations of Binary Ultra-cool Dwarfs.
  10. Clouds, Gravity and Metallicity in Blue L Dwarfs: The Case of 2MASS J11263991-5003550.
  11. L-Dwarf Binaries in the 20-parsec Sample.
  12. An Astrometric Companion to the Nearby Metal-poor, Low-mass Star LHS 1589.
  13. Meeting the Cool Neighbors. XI. Beyond the NLTT Catalog.
  14. Discovery of a 66 mas Ultracool Binary with Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics.
  15. Activity and Kinematics of Ultracool Dwarfs Including an Amazing Flare Observation.
  16. A New Brown Dwarf Desert? A Scarcity of Wide Ultracool Binaries.
  17. Optical Spectroscopy of 2MASS Color-Selected Ultracool Subdwarfs.
  18. Meeting the Cool Neighbors. IX. The Luminosity Function of M7-L8 Ultracool Dwarfs in the Field.  (2MU2)
  19. Using the Galactic Dynamics of M7 Dwarfs to Infer the Evolution of Their Magnetic Activity.
  20. Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS Observations of T Dwarfs: Brown Dwarf Multiplicity and New Probes of the L/T Transition.
  21. A Search for Binary Systems among the Nearest L Dwarfs.
  22. Evidence for Companion-induced Secular Changes in the Turbulent Disk of a Be Star in the Large Magellanic Cloud MACHO Database.
  23. 2MASS J22521073-1730134: A Resolved L/T Binary at 14 Parsecs.
  24. Discovery of Two Very Low Mass Binaries.
  25. Meeting the Cool Neighbors. VIII. A Preliminary 20 Parsec Census From the NLTT Catalogue.  (NLTT1, NLTT2, NLTT3)
  26. The 2MASS Wide-Field T Dwarf Search. III. Seven New T Dwarfs and Other Cool Dwarf Discoveries.
  27. 2MASS J05185995-2828372: Discovery of an Unresolved L/T Binary.
  28. Meeting the Cool Neighbors. VII. Spectroscopy of Faint, Red NLTT dwarfs.  (NLTT1)
  29. Meeting the Cool New Neighbors. V. A 2MASS-Selected Sample of Ultracool Dwarfs.  (2MU2)
  30. The Discovery of Two Nearby Carbon Dwarfs.
  31. A Flaring L5 Dwarf: the Nature of Hα Emission in Very Low Mass (Sub)Stellar Objects.
  32. Meeting the Cool Neighbors. IV. 2M1835+32,  A newly discovered M8.5 dwarf within 6 pc of the Sun.  (2MU2)
  33. Self-Organized Criticality in a Bead Piles.
  34. Meeting the Cool Neighbors. III. Spectroscopy of Northern NLTT Stars.  (NLTT1)
  35. Meeting the Cool Neighbors. II. Photometry of Southern NLTT Stars.  (NLTT1)
  36. Meeting the Cool Neighbors. I. Nearby Stars in the NLTT Catalog - Defining the Sample.  (NLTT1)
  37. Millimeter-Wavelength Galactic Observations with the Mobile Anisotropy Telescope (MAT).
    • J.L. Puchalla, R. Caldwell, K.L. Cruz, M.J. Devlin, W.B. Dorwart, T. Herbig, A.D. Miller, M.R. Nolta, L.A. Page, E. Torbet, H.T. Tran.
    • AJ, 123, 1978, 2002.
  38. 5-micron Photometry of Late-Type Dwarfs.
  39. Three Newly-Discovered M-dwarf Companions of Solar Neighborhood Stars.
    • J. Davy Kirkpatrick, J. Liebert, K.L. Cruz, J.E. Gizis, & I. Neill Reid.
    • PASP, 113, 813, 2001. astro-ph/0104108.
  40. Near-Infrared Spectral Classification of Late M and L Dwarfs.
    • I. Neill Reid, A.J. Burgasser, K.L. Cruz, J. Davy Kirkpatrick & J.E.Gizis.
    • AJ, 121, 1710, 2001.
  41. A Single Circumbinary Disk in the HD 98800 Quadruple System.

Selected Conference Proceedings and Presentations

  1. The Brown Dwarf Kinematics Project (BDKP).
  2. Connecting the Dots: Low-Mass Stars, Brown Dwarfs, and Planets.
    • Kelle Cruz
    • Bash Symposium, October 2007
    • ASP ADS
  3. Spectral and Kinematic Analysis of a New Population of Young Brown Dwarfs.
    • K. L. Cruz, J. Faherty, J. D. Kirkpatrick, & A. J. Burgasser.
    • AAS, May 2007.
  4. Results of the 2MASS Proper Motion Survey: New M, L, and T (Sub)Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood.
    • J. D. Kirkpatrick, D. L. Looper, A. J. Burgasser, K. L. Cruz, M. C. Cushing, & S. D. Schurr.
    • AAS, May 2007.
  5. Atmospheric Properties of Brown Dwarfs.
  6. Activity and Kinematics of Ultracool Dwarfs Including Flare Observations.
  7. A New Population of Young Brown Dwarfs.
  8. Atmospheric Properties of L Dwarfs as Evidenced by Spectral Features in the Infrared (5-14.5 microns).
    • M. Van Gordon, & K. L. Cruz.
    • Cool Stars 14, November 2006
    • PDF Poster.
  9. Possible Age Effects on Brown Dwarf Spectral Features in the Near-Infrared.
  10. Activity and Kinematics of Ultracool Dwarfs.
  11. The Spectral Energy Distribution of L dwarfs from 0.8-15 microns.
    • K. L. Cruz, M. Kirkland, I. N. Reid, & A. Burrows.
    • Planets and Protostars V Brown Dwarf Workshop, October 2005
  12. The Luminosity Function of Ultracool Dwarfs.
    • Kelle Cruz, I. Neill Reid, & James Liebert.
    • Proc. of 13th Cool Stars Workshop, Hamburg, Germany, July 2004.  
    • PDF Proceeding.
  13. Ultracool Neighbors from 2MASS.
    • K.L. Cruz, I. Neill Reid, P.J. Lowrance, J.Davy Kirkpatrick, N. Gorlova, & C. Cooper.
    • Poster Presentation at Brown Dwarfs IAU Symposium 211.
    • PDF poster.
  14. A Single Circumbinary Disk in the HD 98800 Quadruple System.
    • D.W. Koerner, E.L.N. Jensen, K.L. Cruz, T. Guild, and K. Gultekin.
    • AAS, January 2000.
  15. Millimeter-Wavelength Galactic Observations with the Mobile Anisotropy Telescope (MAT).
    • K.L. Cruz, R. Caldwell, M.J. Devlin, W.B. Dorwart, T. Herbig, A.D. Miller, M.R. Nolta, L.A. Page, J.L. Puchalla, E. Torbet, & H.T. Tran.
    • AAS, January 2000. PDF poster.
  16. Self-Organized Criticality in a Bead Piles.